Garden Decking and Fencing

New Fencing and Decking in Harrogate

The Brief

The customer had a young child and wanted to ensure the garden was a safe place for him to play. Currently the garden was split which created a 1.5mtr drop from the upper concreted area to the lawn below. A new patio had recently been laid however we were asked to build a fence which could allow the upper area to be completely separate form the lawn below. The different levels of concrete needed to be levelled out and an old coal bunker was to be removed to make way for a BBQ area.


Decking was used to level out the top level creating uniform walkway from which the garden could be viewed. To this a BBQ area was created in place of the coal bunker. A strong fence and gate was built to ensure no children could fall down he slope and to allow adults to enjoy the garden. A large handrail acts as a surface to hold drinks. The fencing runs vertically to ensure no children could climb the fence and the gate is latched at the top of the stairs. The stairs were only refaced to ensure they were less slippy as the ridges now run across the steps to give better traction.

Project Details

Harrogate – North Yorkshire

Matt did a superb job decking and fencing my garden. I can now rest assured my boy can play safely in the garden without any fear he will hurt himself. Highly recommended folks.

Steve Kilroy

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